Deep Fayed

 Deep Fayed is a Chicago based live Funk Hip Hop group fronted by guitarist George Wundsam. Since graduating from Columbia College in '09, George began working with Chicago's greatest up and coming musicians, poets and artists to develop the concept, and write the tunes. Deep Fayed was formed in the spring of 2010 and has developed into what can be described as an organic and powerful sound that hits deep into the soul. Deep Fayed has been building momentum in Chicago and creating a buzz of party blasting greatness. The tight rhythm section provides a mixture of scorching riffs and danceable hip hop grooves while emcee Lawrence Tolefree accents the music with captivating lyrics and soul full melodies.

Past Shows

  • Sat, Mar 19 - 9:30pm - $8
  • Fri, Feb 22 - 8pm - $10
  • Sat, Jan 31 - 9:30pm - $8