Café Antarsia Ensemble

CAFE ANTARSIA ENSEMBLE performs nouveau gypsy music and working-class operas with roots in Greek and Balkan blues, Arabic percussion and Americana cabaret. Nikos Brisco’s hauntingly urgent melodies are complemented by Ruth Margraff’s panoramic and portrait-driven lyrics, Rami El-Aasser’s exotic percussion and Ron Riley’s rock steady groove. CAE took their name from a Greek word meaning “rebellious” in Astoria, NYC in 2002 and have been touring ever since all over the world to Azerbaijan, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Czech Rep., Hungary, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India, etc. Their stories will transport you to Sarajevo marketplaces and Dubrovnik fountains, or paint the darkness of Virginia coal mines and the timeless taverns of Crete.

Past Shows

  • Mon, Sep 12 - 8pm - $7
  • Mon, Mar 5 - 8pm - $7