BS'n the Truth

 BS and The Truth is a musical experience like no other. Deeply rooted Americana is the first thought that comes to mind as layers of folk, psychedelic rock, blues, reggae, country and even a little bluegrass peel away to reveal a deeply personal and unique view into the human condition as told through the eyes of Ben Sherer, a man who only recently found his songwriting skills after decades of achieving whistling mastery whistling with all music he came into contact with after finding the ukulele. Combining all three forces with lyrics inspired by the increasingly volatile politics of the era, Sherer set out to find some truth amidst the advancing BS of the times... The Truth came together in a cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin in summer of 2016 on a trip away with Ben's closest friends and their families. This weekend provided a perfect canvas for to begin showcasing his new song book, so he picked up his Ukulele and provided a soundtrack to that summer weekend. As though he had a plan all along, all his musician friends began gravitating towards these seemingly randomly placed instruments that he had brought up and placed around the room. That Sunday afternoon, the Truth was born, and the stories began to come to life.  Ben Sherer - Vocals, Electric Baritone; Ed Stevenson - Keyboards; Jason Parke - Bass; Ricky Kubes - Drums, Woodblocks, Percussion; Marty Rocha - Drums & Percussion

Past Shows

  • Wed, Dec 19 - 8pm - $10