The Big Ditties

“Voices like angels with mouth’s like sailors” and “so full of shit” are just some of the wonderful compliments from the fans of The Big Ditties. Their first video, “Mom Just Quit The Band” was picked up by Funny or Die and received 3,000 hits in the first few days. The trio of DJ K-Heyyy, Ad-Rik and Tu-PO deliver comedic music that crosses multiple genres and takes no prisoners. Whether they are being pampered on stage by their Love Slaves, or mashing up songs about venereal diseases, The Big Ditties stage antics are not for the faint of heart.

Past Shows

  • Wed, May 15 - 7pm - $15
  • Thu, Mar 16 - 8pm - $10
  • Mon, Jun 12 - 8pm - $7