Bad Forum

 Bad Forum consists of Larry Beers (Sonia Dada; Michael McDermott; Mavis Staples; Ulele, and Mucca Pazza) on drums, ace sound-man James Coffey (Dagnabbit; Urban Twang) on guitar, and Mitch Straeffer (Falstaff; Space Rhino; Motion to Fix; and Ziplock and the Body-bags) on bass. Formed By Coffey in 1999 from members of his favorite bands that he mixed for at numerous Chicago venues, the lineup has achieved a solid following of fans who enjoy the band’s unique instrumental rock. The music is based, according to Coffey, on jump blues and swing riffs, but quickly the band expanded from those beginnings into a type of experimental surf, with each player contributing to the compositions. Bad Forum consistently challenges the notion of what music is and can be."

Past Shows

  • Wed, Dec 15 - 8pm - $7
  • Wed, Mar 9 - 8pm - $8
  • Tue, Feb 14 - 8pm - $7
  • Mon, Apr 1 - 8pm - $5
  • Thu, Aug 11 - 7:30pm - $10
  • Fri, Mar 10 - 9pm - $7