Ami Saraiya & The Outcome

There’s drama when Ami Saraiya and her band, The Outcome, take the stage. It’s a dark atmosphere, but it swings baby—a worldly staging of folk punk and jazz cabaret. And amongst the accordion, the violin and the guitars, it’s Ami’s sultry voice that recalls Piaf and Holiday which takes the spotlight. Then, there are the song-stories—often saturnine, often employing magical realism. "Saraiya's vintage cabaret sound is drama in bold relief, swinging from playful to maudlin in a single measure." Jessica Hopper, Chicago Tribune. “If you took Billie Holiday, added a little Lhasa, some Bjork, and a smattering of Tom Waits (just to taste), you’d have a vague idea of what Saraiya’s music sounds like. ” (Almost Cool review) This event will feature the world premiere of Ami Saraiya & The Outcome​'s​ new video for their hot new single "Razor Blade.​"

Past Shows

  • Fri, Jun 27 - 9pm - $8
  • Sun, Sep 14 - 9:30pm - No Cover
  • Fri, May 18 - 9pm - $10