Adam Gottlieb & OneLove

With upbeat music and lyrics directly inspired by current struggles for social justice, Chicago-based Reggae Fusion band Adam Gottlieb & OneLove offer their songs to the soundtrack of a new revolution. Adam Gottlieb (first known from the Youth Spoken Word poetry movement) now writes primarily in the form of songs, brought to life by the incredible band OneLove. Comfortably rooted in a versatile Reggae/Folk-Rock sound, the band dexterously fuses Funk, Blues, Hip Hop, Ska, Jazz and more. Because the message is for everyone, the musical repertoire intentionally crosses over into these and more genres to create eclectic yet cohesive musical experiences, with a little something for everyone.  You can find OneLove's music on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Follow the band on Facebook and on our official website:

Past Shows

  • Wed, Jun 19 - 7pm - $10
  • Thu, Jan 16 - 8pm - $10
  • Sun, Feb 6 - 8pm - $10 - VAX REQUIRED