Wed, May 31 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door


Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons

Jerry Joseph is a prolific and accomplished songwriter, writing hits for Widespread Panic and releasing 30 albums in his 30+ year career; as a solo artist, with the Jackmormons, supergroup Stockholm Syndrome, his burning two-piece The Denmark Veseys, or originally, with his beloved 80s cult band, Little Women.  Joseph is also a relentless live performer, playing over 150 shows a year across the globe. He has toured with Vic Chesnutt, Chris Whitley and Walter Salas-Humara, among others. His recent musical travels include a stint volunteering as a rock school music teacher in Kabul, Afghanistan; touring Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast with the Jackmormons; and solo tours in Ireland, England and France as well as performances in Nicaragua, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Lebanon, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Brussels, Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, and Israel. Over the years, Joseph and his Jackmormons have shown a penchant for picking a spot on a map, taking over a town, and putting on a festival. Last year, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons released a live concert DVD, Nicaragua, recorded over three nights just outside of Rivas, Nicaragua. Joseph was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in October 2015. He will be touring in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand this Winter and Spring in addition to the States.

Oblio & Arrow

Oblio And Arrow often give a nod toward pop music with catchy sing-along hooks while still maintaining an intimate singer-songwriter feel and foundation. The Chicago based group just released their second album ‘Steps’ which is loaded with feeling and color, tight vocal harmonies, thick layered percussion, and ranges in tone from having an Americana acoustic feel to having heavy beats, ethereal synth tones, and experimental guitars.  The lyrical theme and focus of the record is one of hope and reflection. The album is an attempt to have an honest look at oneself; who we are, where we’re going, and where we’ve come from. The title of the album, "Steps" came out of the idea that every little thing is only a part of the bigger picture or path that we lead.  This album was largely a DIY - "in house" project, recorded and performed by the group at their warehouse and home studios where they live around the Chicago land area. "Steps" was mixed over several months by Michael Krieglstein and Matthew Kopecky and mastered by Jonathan Alvin.  Oblio and Arrow is Matthew Kopecky, Michael Krieglstein, Jenna Heerdt, Emily Douglas, and Zack Darce.

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