Tue, Oct 24 - 8pm - $7



Dramaglider is an unsigned pop/folk/jazz/alternative rock band that has been playing small clubs and venues around Chicago since the Spring of 2016. The band has been described as "an illegitimate lovechild of Blondie and The Smashing Pumpkins meets the cousins of Earth Wind & Fire and Radiohead outside a Lilith Fair parking lot where Sade and Tori Amos are selling delicious cupcakes from the trunk of a car." Made up of Emily Anderson (lead singer/keyboards/oboe), Hobbes Pirakitti, (guitar, keyboard), Neil Klemz, (guitar), George Tsiones (Bass) Trever Hawley (Drums), and Candice Latimer (Harmonies, aux percussion), Dramaglider's members write, collaborate and perform throughout the Chicagoland area, relishing the rare gift of having such a friendly bunch of musical artists who enjoy the challenges of creating music that they love, and sharing that music with others.


 Ooraloo is a five-piece band who enjoy equal parts art and pop. We love you. /or-ah-loo/



Price: $7