Sean Cleland: The Kilgubbin Project Live Album Recording

Seán Cleland (Drovers, bohola), a lifelong Chicago Irish musician and stalwart of the Irish music scene here, has spent decades becoming a master Irish fiddle player. The Kilgubbin Project is a culmination of his life's work as an ambassador, cultivator, educator and preservationist of traditional Irish music. While striving to keep the purity of the sounds of Ireland intact, he has also embraced how the tradition evolves in a new environment and specifically in the city of Chicago.The Kilgubbin Project is a synthesis of various explorations of his musical story and a personal musical celebration of the American Irish experience in Chicago. This important live concert will be recorded and used for Seán's first "solo" album with the help of very good musical friends Jesse Langen (guitar), James Reilly (timber flute/whistle/vox/bodhrán), James Conway (harmonica, whistles, jaw harp), Brendan Bulger (fiddle) and Steve Morrow (bodhrán).The Kilgubbin Project takes its spirit from the actual Irish Shanty ‘Patch’ called Kilgubbin; a small natural island at the north side of the confluence of the North and South Branches of the Chicago River. It was home to seasonal flocks of geese and, in the late 1840s, was on the fringes of Chicago and where many Irish immigrants were allowed to stay.Be a part of this historic evening of irrepressible and stubbornly upbeat traditional Irish music from Chicago.

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