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DORIAN is one the most representative and successful indie bands in Spain. In the last ten years they have released such popular songs as La Tormenta de Arena, Paraísos Artificiales, Los amigos que perdí (track included in the soundtrack of Elite, Netflix 2019), or Cualquier otra parte, considered a true hymn for a whole generation in Spain and Latin America. The history and career of DORIAN is central to understand contemporary Spanish pop music and the situation of independent music scene in Spain.


Chicago’s Kelroy create a sound that combines intricacy of composition with simplicity of delivery, drifting between hints of post rock, blues and alternative, as they pour time and essence into the vortex of sound they shape. Each song sets off on a journey of its own. Thick layers of guitars sound more like distress signals and woeful mourning; the keys and trombone add layers of texture and depth, while drums and bass set a pulse that delivers each composition to its natural conclusion. The always-evolving chord progressions, and picturesque and introspective lyrics evoke a mood, a feeling and, undeniably, a train of thought…. Throughout its growth and evolution, the band has been expanding its fan base, having performed in New York, Denver, Cleveland, Columbus, Milwaukee and other cities in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Their music has appeared on public radio like WBEZ and Vocalo, college radio stations like WLUW, and Spanish stations like NOX Live. The band continues to maintain a devoted following in its hometown appearing regularly at such Chicago hot-spots. Kelroy is set to release its third full-length album in February 2015.

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